Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Top 10 Unanswered #schoolchoice Questions.

For those of you that know me very well, I love a spirited debate on any topic related to public education and politics in our state and our country. I can play both sides and be a devils advocate on any topic, but can also be staunch in my beliefs at times. I also feel like I can be reasoned with and leave a debate with a handshake and a better understanding of another persons belief system or station in life. 

The following are several questions I have asked during the school choice discussions I have had with several individuals that have never really been answered and nearly always get avoided. 

Read and see if you agree or have answers. I always love a good commentary.
1. Will private schools be mandated to accept all students if said school so chooses to accept vouchers at their respective site?

2. Are students that bounce back-and-forth going to be monitored? By whom? How often?

3. Are vouchers prorated in their ESA if a student stays one month and then transfers back to their original public school?

4. Would the private school refund tuition to the state if they did so choose to return to public school?

5. Could a student enroll at a public school after coming from a private school, get the voucher and then transfer back out? Is there a timetable in place to not allow this to happen?

6. If someone chooses to simply start up a private school, what regulations do they have, if any?

7. Can someone choose to start a private school, accept public dollars for a few years and then when business is bad simply close the doors?

8. Must a private school be owned or sponsored by a local organization to accept vouchers? Facility and staffing requirements?

9. Will all accountability measures (Audit requirements, RSA, A-F, TLE, testing, etc) currently asked of public schools be transferred to private institutions if/when they choose to accept public funds?

10. Will private schools accepting public funds be visited by Regional Accreditation Officers from the SDE to ensure compliance?

Bonus Round! (suggested by a well-informed colleague) Will public schools be allowed to require parents to pay for days taught or services not fully funded by the state (ACE, RSA, etc) due to not being serviced at a private institution?

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